Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions we get asked the most. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with
your questions.


I need a new key to my locks?  What are my options?


First, you have to decide if you want to change the hardware meaning,  your doorknob and or deadbolt.   Or Do you want to change the key that exists now to your locks?  If you like the hardware you have then you just need it rekey'd- meaning a new key generated to work your existing locks.  Most people want their property rekey'd for a variety of reasons.  1) When they have given the key to someone and want it back because that relationship is not the same, ie: divorce or separation. 2) When they have lost a key a key.  3)  Just moved into a new home and aren't sure who all has keys to the property;  previous owners, contractors, real estate agents.

If your hardware is worn out or you want a different color finish, we can install new hardware for you.   If wish us to install hardware that you have purchased we will be glad to do that as well.  When we come out not only do we install the hardware,  we make other changes if necessary, such as, adjusting the strike plate in the door frame.  Sometimes it is not in the correct position.  The door hinges may need to be tightened and or adjusted- these are things we do at no extra cost.   We want you door to be in perfect working order-- our name means alot to us and we want you happy so your sure to tell others about our services!!! 


Auto Ignition Cylinder Problems

I am having trouble with my key working sometimes in my ignition switch.  The key works fine in the door locks but won't turn in the ignition,  What do I do?


Spray the lock liberally with WD 40 then insert and remove your key (without turning it) in the ignition 9-10 times. Try to insert key and crank car, if you succeed with this procedure go directly to a locksmith shop.  Your ignition cylinder has stuck wafers that are possibly bent until the cylinder has been cleaned,  pinned with new wafers and springs or replaced, this will happen again,  but next time the ignition might have to be drilled out!  Do it Now - so this doesn't happen at the most inconvenient time or place!


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