Strike Plate Testimonal: "Thank's for sending me the security strike plate. Simple, but very impressive and practical. Installation was easy. With winter and temperature fluctuations, our front door had the tendency to shift. With this security plate, the problem has been solved. It not only is great for security, but also for shifting door jambs. Great Product!" John H. Terrace, BC, Canada

Lexus Key:  2004 RX330 Shell

"Cindy,  Just wanted to say thanks! The key worked great."   Ken M. --  North Alabama


Lexus Key:  2002  ES 300 Shell

"I received the keys for my Lexus Monday. They work great. I want to thank you
for the great service and workmanship you displayed. I would recommend you
to anyone that needs hard to get keys. I have signed my check and returned it.
Thanks again for your service and trust." 
Lacy H.   --    N. Carolina


Lexus Key:  Duplicate Shell

"Works perfectly!"  David T.  --  Vienna, VA


Nissan 4 Button Flip Key Shell

Absolutely. My locksmith here had a little trouble cutting it, if I had to do it again I would take the shell apart and just bring him the key itself because the shell gets in the way.  Then the process of getting the circuit board in place took a little trial and error to get the battery spring in the right position.  Eventually I got it and it works just fine.  Thank you. ----- Robert O.  ---  Falls Church, VA


3 Button Lexus Key Shell

"Thanks, the key works great!"     Tan N. ---  Norcross, GA

Lexus Flip Key Shell- Craig E. ---   Haddam, CT.

There should be a dis-assembly warning that the spring and parts will go
flying everywhere if you're not careful.... I was not careful. lol

Instructions for re-assembly should be included. I had to search the
internet to figure out how to put the thing back together.

It seems to be fairly well made, so we'll have to see how it stands up
to daily use.

I noticed on your website that you increased the price, but for the part
plus key cutting, it's still a good deal. I belong to a Lexus discussion
forum, and I will tell them about your business and your good service.

I am quite pleased with your professionalism and prompt service. It was
a pleasure dealing with your business. Thank you very much. Feel free to
use this in whole or part for your testimonial section.

Best regards,
Craig E.


The above video shows how to assemble it. It's not the same
exact flip key but it was good enough to get the job done.  Craig

Note- we now have our own youtube video on how to disassemble and reassemble our flip keys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNOkLgEDSvQ Thanks to our customers helping us with there trials and errors!!!








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