Security Strike Plate: We are in the News!

A local resident and business owner is working toward getting a device he designed and built patented.

William Boyd is the owner of Boyd’s Locksmith and the proud creator of the Security Strike Plate.

Pending since 2009, the device was originally designed to make lining up door locks and deadbolts easier by preventing the rubber sealing in residential doors from moving out of place.

“The rubber sealing on some of the newer doors has a lot of give to it,” Boyd said. “If you slam your door and don’t have a plate stopping it, it can get out of alignment and your deadbolt will not work.”

Deadbolts typically extend a full inch into the wood of a doorframe, but over time the deadbolt can become unaligned with the hole that was originally created for it.

“I originally made the plates 10 years ago to make my job easier,” Boyd said.

It wasn’t until after making the original plate that Boyd noticed the Security Strike Plate also prevented doors from being opened using a credit card.

According to Boyd, the security pin in a door can be broken over time if a door is not properly aligned, which leaves only a small latch keeping the door locked.

That latch can then be opened using only a credit card.

However, a slight bend in the design of the Boyd’s security plate keeps thieves from getting through the door this way.

“(William) wanted to leave a place safer than when he got there,” Boyd’s wife, business partner and fellow locksmith Cyndi. “When he left he wanted to make sure a family was secure.”

Boyd said a standard doorplate can be moved by pushing and pulling the door until the plate is loosened, but the Security Strike Plate extends out past the door for more support and has room for five screws instead of the usual two.

“I started making the plate 10 years ago, and I built the first rough prototype by myself,” he said.

Boyd then asked Carl Nichols of Geneva to build the plates for him, but due to the high costs associated with producing the 14-guage steel plates, Boyd had to find a better, more affordable way to make the plates.

“We looked as far as Georgia but no one could bend the steel because of how thick it was,” Boyd said. “Everyone said I needed to make the metal thinner, but I wasn’t going to do that because it would compromise the whole thing.”

Later, Dothan resident Baxley Blowpipe started producing the un-bent plates for Boyd using a plasma cutter, which kept cost down.

Boyd then spent three years building a machine that would allow him to bend the plates himself. 

“The machine is a Frankenstein but it does the job,” he said. “The metal was so thick that it would break the bender, so I had to keep adding to it.”

According to Boyd, the bends have to be very precise because the device has to fit on more than one type of door.

Boyd said the plates are great for contractors who install several doors at once because they make aligning the door properly easier and faster.

“The bend stops the doors in the right spot every time,” he said. “The holes are slotted so you can move it. You just put it on with two screws and get them snug, push the door until the deadbolt lines up and then open the door up and add the other screws.”

Boyd said the Security Strike Plate would fit any new standard doors, which have been installed in most residential homes and apartments since 2003.

Boyd also credited Harold Peacock for helping him begin the process of patenting his product, a process, which Boyd says, has been harder than designing and building the plate ever was.

Though the patent process is still ongoing, Boyd is already selling the plates through his shop and his website

The devices are currently selling for $12.95 and come with a strike plate, the necessary screws and instructions.

For more information, contact Boyd’s Locksmith at 347-4579.

By Jason Johnson

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