The Security Strike Plate

         The Security Strike Plate/FixDoorFrame adds another layer of protection to your home.  Preventing someone the ability to use a credit card or thin piece of plastic to gain entry into your home.  Nothing can beat the security of a DEADBOLT, but we have found many people don’t always use the deadbolt feature of their doors.

          Invented  by William Boyd, Locksmith for  15 plus years.  From working on  hundreds of locks and doors, he found many times, deadbolts where not correctly installed or misaligned.  The major reason for this misalignment is the settling of  doors,  their frames and/or  missing or worn weatherstripping. Numerous reasons can affect why the deadbolt is not working properly.  But the important message is if it isn’t, then you need to do something immediately, for the security of yourself and loved ones.Note: Before ordering check to see if your door frame has the old style weather stripping see picture in Strike Plate section.

          The Security Strike Plate/FIXDOORFRAME is easy to install, mounted to your existing door frame, it eliminates credit card entry into your home.   We  are passionate about this product because we care about your safety and want the best for you and your family.  If it saves just one person from becoming a victim of burglary or worse then it has been worth the time and expense of development.  If you have an excessive gap between your doorframe and door, when door is closed, modifications must be made prior to installation. Made of 14 gauge steel. Manufactured in the USA!!  Included with Strike Plate/FIXDOORFRAME are screws and instructions.

FIXDOORFRAME- Another feature of this product is the quick repair of broken/damaged door frames and added strength. ** SEE VIDEO


Stop The Use of Credit Cards to gain entry into your home with the Security Strike Plate.  It also keeps your hardware working properly.







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