We are a full service locksmith shop. We can rekey your home,  business or vehicle. 

If you have lost the keys to your vehicle, we can come to the location of your car and create keys.  No more towing the car to a shop!!  This saves you time and money!  We are Automotive Key Specialists.  We can also duplicate/create Transponder or more commonly known "Chip" keys. 

  Motorcycle Keys:  Created if lost or duplicated.  We carry a full line of cycle keys- Some Harley's, to Suzuki and many 4 wheelers.

Transponder "Chip" Keys

 Transponder "Chip" Keys, Duplicated or Created if lost.

 Laser Cut Keys- Lexus, Honda and more to come!

Take advantage of the Specials*None at this time.

Something to ask yourself - When is the last time your home was rekey'd?  What about your apartment?  How many keys are out there for your home?  We recommend having your home rekey'd when you first occupy it--- Even, if it is new!!!  This way you know who has access to your home!

Combination Locks

locks.jpg Are you tired of fumbling around your purse or pockets for the keys to your house? 

Would you not like to push a button and gain entry into your home, while carrying the groceries or family pet?  

We have a stylish alternative:  A combination push button lock- comes three different finishes -  Black, "Stainless Steel", and "Bright Brass". 

 The combination can be changed in less than 5 minutes by you!  Nice having the option of changing the entrance security code of your home in your own hands! 

We can install it for you with a matching lever handle or door knob, call for price!

 This Lock is great!!  It doesn't require batteries, which means it lasts a long-long time.  We recommend this lock highly and have installed it in over 20 applications without any complaints!  In fact the above picture is the lock on our own residential front door!  And its on our shop's door.



Ignition Switches a Problem?

Not anymore-- we can replace or repair your ignition switch.  Just think about that...  No towing to the dealer or shop,  and on your time schedule!   Because we come to you!  Now thats much more affordable.

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